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Advertising with and the Belleville News-Democrat

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Belleville News-Democrat and, southwestern Illinois’ leading daily news source.

Since 1858, the BND has provided readers with local content not found anywhere else. Its core market includes St. Clair and Madison counties, along with parts of Clinton, Monroe, Randolph, Washington and Bond counties. The BND is the #1 source for local news, sports and entertainment in the St. Louis metro east.


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Media Kit


Classified “Private Party” liner ads: Small, text-only ads placed by individuals, not businesses. Yard sales, cars and other items for sale, homes for sale by owner. These ads must be prepaid by credit card or at the BND office by check or cash. Contact: 618-234-7000.

Help-wanted ads placed by businesses. Contact: Sharon Peterson at 618-239-2478.

Display ads for Automotive: Larger ads normally placed by businesses. Contact: Brie Stingley at

Display ads for Real Estate: Larger ads normally placed by businesses. Contact: Brie Stingley at


Local Retail Advertising: Display ads placed by businesses, political and nonprofit groups based in the Metro East. Contact: Brie Stingley at 816-234-4753 or

National Retail Advertising

National Retail Advertising: Display ads placed by businesses and ad agencies located outside the BND’s area of circulation. Contact: 800-283-6554 or

Digital Advertising

Internet Advertising, including banner ads, search engine marketing and targeted display advertising. Contact: Brie Stingley at

Free-Standing Inserts and Front Page Notes

Insert rates, acceptable sizes, zoning options, quantities and scheduling. Contact: Brie Stingley at

Magazines & Special Sections

Prime Life and other special sections are targeted to niche audiences and distributed in the BND to home-delivery subscribers. For more information, Contact: Brie Stingley at

Vendor Support Sections

To promote a business or organization’s grand opening, anniversary, open house or move. Contact: Brie Stingley at

Weekly Publications

Display ads for O’Fallon Progress, Command Post (serving Scott Air Force Base) and Highland News-Leader. Contact: Brie Stingley at

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